2013 to 2016 Online Advertising Comparisons

In 2014, online advertising will reach $121 billion. By 2016, internet display ads ($74.4 billion) will overtake paid search ads ($71.1 billion). By 2016, remarketing and social media ads (e.g. Facebook) will own a higher percentage of the ad market than Google’s search ads. Even though ad spend was down 3% in 2013 and has dropped 15% since 2007, it will grow by .7% in 2014. Mobile Ads are projected to grow from 13% of the total internet ad market ($13.4 billion) in 2013 to 28% ($45 billion) in 2016. This would make mobile advertising the 4th largest advertising platform, surpassing radio, magazines, and billboards. Social media advertising is currently growing at 29% per year. Television is projected to continue to outpace the rest of the market; however, internet advertising will increase its share of global ad market by about .7% in the next couple years. Newspapers and magazines will continue to decrease at about 1.5% a year. The U.S. remains the biggest ad market and is projected to continue to remain triple the value of the next-biggest. http://www.slideshare.net/WishpondTechnologiesLtd/should-you-invest-in-online-advertising-1





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