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Localis at the 2018 American Towman ShowPlace Las Vegas

Localis will again be Exhibitors at the 2018 American Towman ShowPlace in Las Vegas, held at the South Point Hotel & Casino from May 9-11, 2018. We will also be leading a seminar on mobile advertising to capture cash calls – that will be held on Thursday May 10th at 8am in room Sonoma C….

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5 Myths – Local SEO

Most search engine optimization strategies used by big brands are different for local businesses, leaving many people confused on what to believe. The following separates five myths from truths. The first myth is that claiming a Google listing is the way to boost SEO. The truth is that there is no “one” way to boost…

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78% of local-mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

And according to ComScore, this is usually in a few hours. Several studies were conducted to obtain these recent findings. Ipsos conducted an online survey of consumers across nine vertical segments: Auto, CPG, Finance, Local Services, Media & Entertainment, Restaurant, Retail, Tech and Travel. The firm also reviewed and incorporated data from a smartphone shopper diary study….

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2013 to 2016 Online Advertising Comparisons

In 2014, online advertising will reach $121 billion. By 2016, internet display ads ($74.4 billion) will overtake paid search ads ($71.1 billion). By 2016, remarketing and social media ads (e.g. Facebook) will own a higher percentage of the ad market than Google’s search ads. Even though ad spend was down 3% in 2013 and has dropped…

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Attention Small Business Owners

Marketing change. Old SEO tactics. Marketing strategies integration is the winner! Companies who say their SEO is “highly effective” have pulled SEO and social media together. SEO is now a much more complicated activity then the old days. Brand and audience need to be the new focus. Insert the small business brand into SEO. Understand what…

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Wondering how you can be number one in search rankings?

It’s all about quantity, quality, consistency, and longevity. These are the four steps to win at content marketing.  If you want to beat your computer, put up a lot of relevant content that is focused and formatted correctly, do it often, and stay with it. Staying with it is key. The number one reason why most businesses…

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Yahoo Number 1 Search Engine in July

Yahoo’s collection of sites had the most US Web traffic in July, the first time it was number 1 since May of 2011. Read the full article here: Is your small business marketing itself on Yahoo! sites? Call Localis to find out how!

Marketing Your Small Business From Home

Are you running your small business from home? Here is an article that lists 10 great marketing tools for home based businesses.  This article from All Business includes tools that will help in aiding your small businesses success.  From social media advice to e-newsletter tips this article is sure to help any small business owner…

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Why you Should Screen your Customers

Your small business is getting a  flow of customers and that’s great, but where are they coming from? Screening your customers allows you to understand how and why they chose your business over the competitors.  Asking your customers  ‘œHow did you hear about our business?” or having them fill out comment cards can positively influence…

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