5 Myths – Local SEO

Most search engine optimization strategies used by big brands are different for local businesses, leaving many people confused on what to believe. The following separates five myths from truths.

The first myth is that claiming a Google listing is the way to boost SEO. The truth is that there is no “one” way to boost SEO. It is an amalgamation of many functions, which all need to be logical and consistent. A Google listing is the profile page for a business that shows up in local queries and Google Maps. Claiming yours can help SEO.

The second myth is that links are out and citations are in. The replacement of links with citations is inaccurate. The truth is that both links and citations can help SEO, however, quality is key. Make either have quality (over quantity) connections.

The third myth is that social media can’t help. In fact, social signals create backlinks. Truth is that content from social media sites, particularly Twitter, can get broadcasted to millions of other sites which can effectively create backlinks to your site. Social media networks, specifically Facebook, have become one of the leading referral sites bringing traffic to websites, and in many cases, generate sales. Stay active and post quality, relevant content for users. These social signals created by actively participating on these social sites have a significant impact on where the local business will rank in Google search.

The fourth myth is that the more Google+ posts and followers, the better. Being active on Google+ can help SEO, however, know the difference between high-quality posts and followers and low-quality ones. The more true interest within Google+, the better. Developing a network of active followers and a high rate (good percentage of overall activity in a niche) of +1s and shares is the way to put Google+ to work. It’s recommended to join communities that are of interest to clients’ local area and target audience.

The final myth is that user experience doesn’t matter. In today’s marketplace, user experience is the one thing that matters most. From content marketing to social sharing to responsive design, the emphasis is on what the customer needs or wants first, and what the business does or has second. Businesses that build their online vehicles with the end-user in mind have seen success in the rankings.

In summary, it’s all about quality. Utilize the local strategies that recognize what matters to customers and deliver it in audience-targeted content, media, and experiences. http://searchengineland.com/five-top-local-seo-myths-truths-190439



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