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Growing Franchise Unit Sales in 2015

At the same time you’re reading this article your next customer is searching for you on the web and on a mobile device. A study by Google and Nielsen pointed out Nearly 3 out of every 4 persons that perform a search take additional action. Those actions are: calling, visiting, or purchasing what they were…

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2013 to 2016 Online Advertising Comparisons

In 2014, online advertising will reach $121 billion. By 2016, internet display ads ($74.4 billion) will overtake paid search ads ($71.1 billion). By 2016, remarketing and social media ads (e.g. Facebook) will own a higher percentage of the ad market than Google’s search ads. Even though ad spend was down 3% in 2013 and has dropped…

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Effective Title for Sponsored Ads

Many Businesses spend hundreds of dollars on sponsored ads but don’t get the best possible results.  In looking into this problem we can go straight to the top of the ad, the title. The headline of your sponsored ad is like a first impression, it is usually the first text that a customer will see…

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