Growing Franchise Unit Sales in 2015

At the same time you’re reading this article your next customer is searching for you on the web and on a mobile device. A study by Google and Nielsen pointed out

  • Nearly 3 out of every 4 persons that perform a search take additional action.
  • Those actions are: calling, visiting, or purchasing what they were searching for.
  • 55% of those that call, visit or purchase are doing it in less than an hour!

Example Searches:

“burger restaurant near me”

“tire shop near me”

“find local bakery”


How can your franchise organization mine these prospects?

Properly developed and installed sponsored advertising – some call this PPC or pay per click – deployed in a well defined geographic proximity to the franchise location increases your results and drives sales conversions.

Forester Research interviewed 13 leading large multi-location brands. Their study concluded that local search is “critical to staying connected with their customers” and “those with a local search strategy improved brand awareness and lead quality.”

The simple, direct nature of Sponsored Advertising is more effective than SEO efforts for businesses in the “buy it now” category.  Sponsored Ads have an immediate and measurable cause-and-effect:

  1. Define the Keywords you want to be found under (your services)
  2. Define the Area you want to be seen
  3. Appear at the top of the search results
  4. Convert new customers

Unlike SEO efforts there is no waiting for promises of future results.  Unlike radio, TV, & print advertising there is no hoping the right people heard or saw your ads.  Search Advertising immediately connects your business to only the people who are looking for your services.

You may understand the value of local search but remain unfamiliar with ways to best implement sponsored advertising.  You may have reservations about a pay-per-click program.  Or you may think you need to be a top multinational franchise organization to gain market share with this process.

Localis can help with all of this.  We work with emerging and established franchise organizations in the “buy it now” category across the US and Canada, building local search into their strategic marketing plans.  This allows them to build local sales while simultaneously increasing brand awareness over their competitors.

We offer a 7 day free trial to qualified companies that demonstrate what you get before you invest. Call or e-mail us today.



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