Effective Title for Sponsored Ads

Many Businesses spend hundreds of dollars on sponsored ads but don’t get the best possible results.  In looking into this problem we can go straight to the top of the ad, the title. The headline of your sponsored ad is like a first impression, it is usually the first text that a customer will see when searching.  Therefore creating an effective title can make or break the success of your sponsored ad campaign.

Business Name as Headline

Many choose to title the headline of their ad simply the name of their business, but is this effective? In the example below a search for ‘œbrake repair charlotte nc’ was conducted.

blog pic 11

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As shown, the exact matches of the search are shown in bold in the SERP.  The more that is in bold in the results the more likely that the user will feel like the result is relevant to what they are looking for, and click on the sponsored ad.  In this example the sponsored ad with the business name has no bolded words in the headline. If the headline of your sponsored ad is the name of your business and does not include the product or service that the user is searching for, they might not think your business is as relevant to their search. Including the name of your business in the sponsored ad however can lead to brand recognition but not necessarily clicks.

Service as Headline

On the other hand making the product or service that your business offers the headline of your sponsored ad may be more effective.  The example below shows a search for ‘œbike repair chicago’


blog pic 10 bike

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In this example a user searching for ‘œbike repair chicago’ sees exactly what they are searching for bold in the headline of the sponsored ad. When people are searching for a product or service and see exactly what they are searching for in the headline of the ad, they are likely to think that clicking on the ad will provide them what they are looking for.  In including the product or service in the headline of your ad, you are making the sponsored ad more specific to what a user is searching for, which would in turn help improve  click-through rate.


The headline of your sponsored ad must be compelling, it should motivate a user to read the rest of your ad copy and eventually click on your ad. This comes down to headline relevancy. Make your headline relevant to potential searches so that users don’t bypass your ad for one that is more relevant to their search.  Higher ad relevancy will lead to better positioning which will in turn lower cost per click.

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