Local business searches done on the go

The mobile market is constantly growing, giving users multiple avenues to find what they need. The variety of different devices provides multiple opportunities to search local business. 63% of local business searches, in fact, are done through multiple devices. 79% are done on a mobile phone. Restaurants account for 23% of the searches, auto service and dealerships account for 10%, while arts and entertainment account for 9% (according to the survey). Content is important. It is recommended to not overwhelm users with content, since 65% of smartphone users report their searches as being driven by a need for information on the go. It is important to include details like addresses and basic product/service information. Users want consistent and navigable search functionality, with exactly the depth and quality of information they need. Compared with other devices, the mobile phone showed the highest conversion rate, with nearly 80% of mobile phone searches ending in a purchase. To see all the findings in the recent survey, read more at http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2339085/80-of-Local-Searches-on-Mobile-Phones-Convert-Study



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