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Wondering how you can be number one in search rankings?

It’s all about quantity, quality, consistency, and longevity. These are the four steps to win at content marketing.  If you want to beat your computer, put up a lot of relevant content that is focused and formatted correctly, do it often, and stay with it. Staying with it is key. The number one reason why most businesses…

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Integrate your online efforts with offline to increase your local presence.

Are you getting caught up with keywords, citations, title tags, link signals, and reviews? Those are important factors for local SEO, however, you may have been so focused with online presence that you forgot about the offline marketing component. 88% of users are influenced by a customer review when making a buying decision, but only…

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Yelp & Reviews for Your Small Business

Read below for a great review of Yelp’s LA Town Hall meeting, from the LA Times:,0,501302.story#tugs_story_display Is Yelp doing what equates to “extortion”?  We’ve heard similar stories from our clients–as soon as they stop paying, many of their valid reviews mysteriously get filtered. For us directly, we have a Yelp listing (, yet you…

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Yahoo Number 1 Search Engine in July

Yahoo’s collection of sites had the most US Web traffic in July, the first time it was number 1 since May of 2011. Read the full article here: Is your small business marketing itself on Yahoo! sites? Call Localis to find out how!

Twitter for Small Business

Have you been contemplating the use of Twitter for your small business? Here is a great article that highlights the benefits of adding Twitter to your small business marketing strategy. This article from the New York Times includes real examples showing the effective use of Twitter for small businesses. To read more on this click…

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Marketing Your Small Business From Home

Are you running your small business from home? Here is an article that lists 10 great marketing tools for home based businesses.  This article from All Business includes tools that will help in aiding your small businesses success.  From social media advice to e-newsletter tips this article is sure to help any small business owner…

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Why you Should Screen your Customers

Your small business is getting a  flow of customers and that’s great, but where are they coming from? Screening your customers allows you to understand how and why they chose your business over the competitors.  Asking your customers  ‘œHow did you hear about our business?” or having them fill out comment cards can positively influence…

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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Have you thought about using social media for your small business? Here’s a great article on what you need to know about social media and how to use it effectively for your business.  This Business 2 Community article is a great source of information for small business owners! To read more click the link below!…

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Your Small Business Needs a Web Presence

With many  consumers active online it is essential that your small business has an online presence as well. Here is a compelling  article that shares 5 great reasons on why your business needs must be active online. From accessibility to brand building this article shares great information on a topic that can help your small…

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Effective Title for Sponsored Ads

Many Businesses spend hundreds of dollars on sponsored ads but don’t get the best possible results.  In looking into this problem we can go straight to the top of the ad, the title. The headline of your sponsored ad is like a first impression, it is usually the first text that a customer will see…

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